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BERNINA B 880 Plus Sewing, Quilting, & Embroidery Machine

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BERNINA B 880 Plus Sewing, Quilting, & Embroidery Machine

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The Ultimate in Sewing, Embroidery, and Quilting

  • Exciting new embroidery features
  • Huge space for sewing & embroidery
  • Create your own stitch patterns
  • Quiet, fast & precise
  • Sew & embroider longer

BERNINA 880 Plus Sewing, Quilting, & Embroidery Machine

Beautiful embroidery every time

  • Place your design exactly where you want
  • Clean embroidery results on the top
  • Intuitive and very easy to use

Enjoy maximum space

  • Handle large projects with ease
  • Comfortably create big quilts
  • Designed for the Jumbo Hoop

Automatic features are yours!

  • Enjoy fully automatic threading
  • Threads are cut at the end of a seam
  • No manual lifting of the presser foot

A machine that is fast and quiet

  • Sew and embroider longer at a stretch
  • Easy access to the Jumbo bobbin
  • Fastest sewing and embroidering
  • Sews quietly

The Jumbo Bobbin offers 70% more thread capacity than standard bobbins and pops in and out with the touch of a finger. Sewing speeds up to 1,200 and embroidery speeds up to 1,000 per minute.

Love the BERNINA innovations

  • Alterations of stitch details are remembered
  • Handle specific materials with ease
  • Stitches are kept consistent to achieve finest results

Total Stitch Control, the BERNINA Dual Feed and the BERNINA Stitch Regulator are features BERNINA developed to guarantee precise stitch quality and results.

Find the perfect stitch for you

  • Select the perfect stitch for your project
  • Choose your favorite design
  • Personalize your project with different font styles

The integrated Stitch Library offers over 1,764 stitches, is clearly categorized and stitches are easily retrieved. Find 12 font styles and 460 high-quality embroidery designs.

Design your person stitch

  • Design and create your own stitches
  • Simply draw your ideas directly on the screen
  • Convert the design into a stitch pattern

Edit stitches and create your own. The creative possibilities are endless and you can continuously expand your stitch library.

Shape your imagination

  • Duplicate embroidery designs with one click
  • Arrange the designs in your desired formation
  • Any formation is possible

The integrated Shape Designer offers you functions like duplicating and arranging designs in a circle, square, or heart.

Choose your favorite color

  • Color your design easily
  • Select your personal color scheme
  • Embroidery your project in beautiful colors

With the Color Wheel, designs can be changed easily and coordinated to your favorite color scheme before you start embroidering.


Embroidery lovers will adore the B 880 PLUS thanks to:

Pinpoint Placement

  • Place your design on the fabric exactly where you want it
  • No need to use the template anymore
  • Easy to use: Simply select two points and match them with the markings on the hooped fabric
  • Perfect results quickly and precisely

Enhanced Editing

  • Undo & Redo: Simply undo or redo steps while editing or combining designs to return to your initial positions
  • Group & Ungroup: Combine designs to edit all at one time with group. Break apart designs to edit individually with ungroup.
  • Rearrange: Customize the design layer stitch-out sequence. Use rearrange in combination with the group function


With the new BERNINA Midi Hoop, hooping has never been easier before. Thanks to the ergonomic twist-lock mechanism, easily tighten the hoop with full, even tension on the fabric with just a minimal twist of your fingers, guaranteeing quick and perfect embroidery performance

  • Very easy to hoop and unhoop
  • Get full tension on your fabric
  • Waste less stabilizer
  • Ergonomic twist-lock mechanism
  • Size 10.5 x 6.5 inch, 265 x 165 mm

Total Stitch Control

  • Thread Away Mode: Pulls the thread down to the underside for clean embroidery results on the top. Program jump stitch length to manage thread cuts. Subject to design properties. 
  • Invisible & Smart Secure: Securing stitches become invisible as the tie-on/off stitches are sewn in stitch direction. Smart secure adds tie-on/off stitches to a design, if none are preset.

Bonus Embroidery Designs & Alphabets

  • Dozens of new embroidery designs, including: monograms with frames, in-the-hoop projects, and special technique designs
  • Includes nine newly digitized embroidery alphabets such as Curly, Happy Times, Deco, or Rounded

Intuitive & very easy to use

  • Embroidery Consultant: For each embroidery technique the consultant helps you to choose the correct foot, needle, thread, and stabilizer according to your fabric to achieve the best results.
  • Toggle between mm & inches: The embroidery design size and the hoop dimensions can be shown in mm and inches
  • Reads most popular file formats: EXP, DST, PES, JEF, PCS, SEW, XXX

Additional Information

  • Throat space: 12"
  • Hook system: RL
  • Maximum sewing speed: 1200 SPM
  • Length of freearm to the right of the needle: 300mm
  • Color touch screen: 7 inches
  • LED sewing lights: 30 LEDs
  • Maximum stitch width: 9
  • Maximum stitch length: 6
  • Sewing in each needle position
  • Fully-automatic needle threader
  • Number of spool holders: 3
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure
  • Automatic thread cutter
  • Manual thread cutter: 3
  • BERNINA Dual Feed
  • Memory (short-term/altered stitches)
  • Memory (long-term/altered stitches)
  • Create and save stitch combinations
  • BSR functionality (straight stitch and zigzag)
  • Start/stop button (stitching without foot control)
  • Slide speed control
  • Upper thread indicator
  • Lower thread indicator
  • Multi-function knobs
  • Changing stitch settings while sewing
  • BERNINA foot control with back-kick function
  • Needle stop up/down
  • Bobbin winding while sewing/embroidering
  • On-screen help
  • Sewing tutorial
  • Creative consultant 
  • Personal program: 4
  • History function (most-recently-used stitch patterns)
  • Drag & Drop
  • Setup program
  • Language selection
  • Alarm clock
  • Eco mode
Sewing & Quilting Features
  • Stitch Distortion
  • Stitch Designer
  • Pattern mirroring
  • 360° Directional sewing
  • Free Hand System (FHS)
  • Sideways motion feed
  • Pattern start/end function
  • Connecting stitches
  • Elongation
  • Security function program
  • Automatic buttonhole length measuring system
  • Automatic buttonhole
  • Manual multi-step buttonhole
  • Button sew-on program
  • Darning programs: 3
  • Heirloom stitch patterns
  • Floral stitch patterns
  • Cross-stitch programs
  • Children/novelty stitch patterns
  • Sewing alphabets: 11
  • Monograms (with sideways motion)
  • Reverse sewing
Built-In Stitches
  • Number of stitch patterns total: 1,764, including:
    • Utility stitches: 40
    • Buttonholes (incl.eyelet): 20
    • Sewing alphabets: 11
Embroidery Features
  • Pinpoint placement
  • Undo/Redo
  • Group/Ungroup
  • Rearrange embroidery designs in combination
  • Invisible secure
  • Smart secure
  • Embroidery consultant
  • Thread-up Command
  • Programmable jump stitch cutting
  • Thread Away Mode
  • Maximum embroidery speed (stitches per minute): 1,000 SPM
  • Shape Designer
  • Color Wheel
  • Embroidery design format: EXP, DST, PES, PEC, JEF, SEW, PCS, XXX
  • Mega hoop functionality (embroidery field: 400 x 150 mm)
  • Jumbo hoop functionality (limited embroidery field: 400 x 210 mm)
  • Freearm embroidery
  • Onscreen editing of designs: mirroring, rotating, scaling
  • Personal memory for embroidery designs
  • Standard embroidery hoops: 3 (o,m,s)
  • Lettering manipulation (WordArt)
  • Importing stitch patterns
  • Color resequence
  • Cut jump stitches
  • Sequence control
  • Basting
  • Endless embroidery
  • Position recall
  • BERNINA ArtLink embroidery software (downloadable from
  • BERNINA DesignWorks Software & Tool compatible
  • Mirroring, rotating, scaling
Built-In Embroidery Designs
  • Built in embroidery designs: 462
  • Embroidery alphabets: 21
  • USB interface for PC connection
  • USB interface for USB data stick
Included Feet
  • BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR)
  • Reverse pattern foot #1C
  • Reverse pattern foot #1D
  • Overlock foot #2A
  • Buttonhold foot with slide #3A
  • Zipper foot #4D
  • Blindstitch foot #5
  • Button sew-on foot #18
  • Open embroidery foot #20C
  • Open embroidery foot #20D
  • Sideways motion foot #40C
Included Accessories
  • Instructional CD/DVD
  • BERNINA freearm slide-on table
  • Accessories box/bag
  • Dust cover
  • Multiple spool holder
  • Small embroidery hoop
  • Medium embroidery hoop
  • Large oval hoop
  • Free-Hand System (FHS) / Presser foot lifter




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***Trade-in value is put toward the MSRP of the upgraded machine.

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