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Monthly Archives: September 2016

  • October Class Calendar

    Fall is in the air. Leaves are quickly changing colors. October is right around the corner. And there are plenty of chances to sign up for October classes and events at Meissner's!

    Here is your chance to stay up-to-date on all the great classes that are available at all four Meissner Sewing and Vacuum Center locations this month. Classes range in difficulty and include, but are not limited to, the topics of sewing, quilting and embroidery.

    October features several Halloween-themed classes, including the StitchNTurn Skeleton in Santa Rosa and the Halloween Table Runner in Folsom.

    Don't miss out on any of the special events this month either! Meissner's Sacramento will be hosting two sessions of Anita Goodesign's Fall Embroidery Party. Also join us on a special trip to the Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara as you enjoy the Meissner PIQF V.I.P. Experience.



    For more information on these and future events and classes, download the most recent edition of Meissner Magazine  or visit our website.

  • Meissner Minutes Tutorial: Minky Quilt

    In this three-part video, learn how to construct, assemble and finish an easy minky quilt!

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:


  • Getting Hands On with Floriani

    Floriani“If you were stitching 40 years ago, you probably were not stitching because you were mesmerized by watching your machine run.  If you were stitching 30 years ago, you probably weren’t stitching because you were mesmerized (by) watching the needle move and what it was producing. My heart goes out to you because you were doing something because you had to do it most likely. Because that’s where we started with sewing, right?”

    That is what Ricky Brooks, of RNK Distributing, said as he addressed the group of Meissner Makers in attendance at the Floriani Hands On Event that began Thursday and lasted through Sunday.

    “There are some that loved it from the beginning. You may be one of those people. Your mom may have been one of those people. Your grandmother may have been one of those people. They loved the art, they loved the skill, not necessarily the machine. But they loved what they could do with the machine."

    But things are a little different now, he continued to explain.

    "In the 90's everything changed in our industry. There were some dark ages prior to that, but in the 90's we saw something happen that we never experienced before. It was spelled in three letters. F-u-n. Fun. Fun began.”

    He went on.

    “We live in a day in time where this craft, this hobby has turned into something that’s enjoyable, and you’re able to have not just one (machine), three of them, four of them! And I salute you because when I got into this industry, a lot of times ladies couldn’t have one. They had to wait and wait and wait to have one. And now it’s so awesome that you can do that because I know now what it means to you. It’s your joy, it is your pastime, it’s your therapy…You love your hobby, and you cannot put a price on that. You cannot put a price on joy.”

    And this weekend was marked by plenty of joy as Meissner Makers gathered at the Sacramento Meissner Sewing and Vacuum Center to partake in an embroidery extravaganza. Brooks, along with educator Kathi Quinn and other special guests, arrived at Meissner’s with their embroidery knowledge, plenty of jokes and several prizes ready to share.

    The event consisted of two, two-day sessions where, similarly to the Embroidery Gardens event back in early August, guests were provided with the opportunity to sit down in front of the new Baby Lock Destiny II and Brother Dream Machine 2. Each session began with a special meet and greet reception the evening prior to the first day.

    During the two days spent in the store, Quinn guided the Meissner Makers in attendance through various projects, addressing common issues with stitching, teaching new techniques, cracking jokes and, of course, using Floriani threads and stabilizers.

    Ricky Brooks, the R in RNK Distributing, was also present to provide background on the company and on the products, as well as comic relief.

    Brooks and his wife Kay, the K in RNK, sold their retail business years ago when embroidery machines were increasing in popularity in order to create a product that could match up with the sophistication of these new machines, he told the Meissner Makers.

    “You don’t just stitch on shirts and jackets and caps. You will stitch anything that will fit under your needle,” he told the group. “You will sew on wood, you will sew on nylon, you will sew bars of soap. You will sew anything you can get under that needle, right? So we went to work, and we found out it didn’t exist. So we were determined to make it exist.”

    They traveled and tested, step-by-step, products and materials on Kay’s machine until they found what would work, Brooks said.

    “We worked it out and we created a line of products that hopefully some of you’ve gotten to experience,” he continued. “And then we needed a name for it.”

    That’s where Walter Floriani comes in. Brooks informed the group that the Floriani family began embroidery in Europe and brought mechanized embroidery to the United States in the early 1900's.

    So the name of these new products from Ricky and Kay had live up to a high standard of embroidery.

    “We wanted to name our products after a family whose name meant beautiful embroidery and they did,” Brooks announced.  “And we did and it’s called Floriani products.”

    The Floriani products will continue to evolve as technology and interests develops, but, now, the fun that began in the 90’s can always continue and will remain unchanged.

    Another opportunity to work with embroidery experts and Floriani is coming soon, as Meissner's will host a Floriani Software Gala. Find out more and sign up on our website at:

  • National Sewing Month

    It is almost the midway point of September, and in this month, you may have heard or seen the phrase "National Sewing Month" on your social media feeds, in your inboxes or beyond. You may have come to understand that September marks a month-long celebration of sewing and crafting. But do you know the history behind it? Well, here's the scoop on that phrase: the month of September is National Sewing Month. Sewing, quilting and craft stores around the nation celebrate throughout the month in various ways, including sales, discounts and special offers.

    “September is a time to celebrate our passion with National Sewing Month, but we know the creative, therapeutic and calming effects of sewing are joys that we can celebrate throughout the entire year,” according to the Sewing and Craft Alliance.

    Throughout the month of September, one of the ways in which Meissner Sewing and Vacuum Centers is celebrating National Sewing Month is by asking that you share your photos of your projects, machines, and celebrations with us on our Facebook page. Some of the photos may end up being shared in our emails!

    Happy National Sewing Month!

  • Back From Baby Lock

    Last week, a few of the Meissner staff traveled to St. Louis, Missouri, to attend Baby Lock Tech, the Baby Lock national dealer convention. We spent four days getting the scoop on new products, events and more. The convention theme, “It’s a New Day,” was very appropriate as there is quite a bit of new and unique products and offers from Baby Lock and Tacony Corporation!

    New ProductsHere are additional details on the new products and a few of their great features:

    New Baby Lock Products:

    Destiny II Embroidery and Sewing Machine 

    • LCD Touch Screen
    • IQ Designer
    • USB and SD card slots

    -Upgrade Kit for Current Destiny Owners:

    • 5’’ X 9.5’’ embroidery hoop
    • Color sorting
    • Design grouping

    Valiant 10 Needle Embroidery Machine 

    • 10.1’’ TruView Screen
    • 1,000 Stitches per minute
    • NeedleCam Digital Camera

    Accord Embroidery and Sewing Machine 

    • LCD Touch Screen
    • 5’’ x 7’’ Embroidery Hoop
    • 250 Stitches
    • 141 Built-in Embroidery Designs
    • Advanced Needle Threader

    Jazz Mid-arm Quilting and Sewing Machine 

    • 12’’ Creative Workspace
    • 28 Stitches
    • 1,000 Stitches per minute
    • Hands-free Knee lift

    Presto Quilting and Sewing Machine

    • LCD Screen
    • 100 Stitches
    • Drop-in Bobbin
    • 4 Built-in alphabets

    Coronet 16’’ Long-arm Quilting Machine 

    • LCD Display
    • Built-in Stitch Regulator
    • 5-Foot Frame
    • LED Lighted Workspace

    EmbroideryWorks Airstitch Edition

      • Includes: USB stick with lettering/Editing Software; 16GB Wireless SD Card; SD to USB Card Reader
      • Supports PC and Apple platforms
      • Airstitch App for IPhone and IPad available



    New Products from Koala Studios: 

    • Artisan Quilter
    • Slimline Artisan
    • DesignPro
    • Sewing Station

    Watch for more details!

    As an authorized Baby Lock retailer, Meissner offers these new products and more in all four of our locations. For more information on the products, visit our website or stop by any of our stores:

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