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Embroidery Garden Party

Emily Achondo
Meissner Sewing and Vacuum Centers hosts an embroidery party. Meissner Makers came together to use new machines and craft up designs from the Embroidery Garden Collection.

The past few days have been busy here at Meissner Sewing and Vacuum Centers as we have just wrapped up Embroidery Gardens, the most recent event held at the Sacramento store.

Meissner’s had never hosted an Embroidery Garden event before, and a third session was added after receiving large interest, making for six days of embroidery fun.

As part of the Meissner Maker Celebrity Series, Reen Wilcoxson, the driving force behind Embroidery Garden, traveled all the way from Indiana to share her designs, knowledge, and “in-the-hoop” expertise with as many Meissner Makers as possible.

Wilcoxson’s history with embroidery goes back about 20 years, when she bought her first embroidery machine. She was taking her machine in for repair and spotted an embroidery machine on display, she said, and she walked out of the store with a new machine in hand.

After some time and practice, she decided that she wanted to create her own designs.

After embroidering some towels and shirts and things, I knew I wanted to create my own designs,” she said. “And I really just started working with the software, and I started out with appliqué, and then I came upon in the hoop.”

With some help from her sons she set up a simple website and began selling her designs online.

That was 15 years ago, and since then, she has been using her time and energy to create unique pieces that appeal to her customers.

I try to create designs that are really unique and really different and put a lot of thought into them and try to come up with new techniques,” she said.  

Reen Wilcoxson of Embroidery Garden brought six of her original designs to guide guests through the process of creating.

Wilcoxson brought six of her original designs to the event at Meissner’s. The projects varied in level of difficulty and included a hand sanitizer holder, a coaster and a mesh bag, among other items.

Along with Wilcoxson’s embroidery expertise, Embroidery Garden event guests got the rare, one-on-one opportunity to get their hands on a few new machines.

By clearing a space in the long-arm center we were able to unpack the combined total of 50 Baby Lock Destiny II and Brother Dream Machine 2 machines so that each guest could sit down and create Wilcoxson’s designs individually.

We were very excited to offer this chance to our Meissner Makers, and the timing was great because these top-of-the-line machines also provided guests with the right tools for assembling Wilcoxson’s “in-the-hoop” designs while individually working with the machine.

 “I think it’s great because in the hoop designs are different from the other designs,” Wilcoxson said. “So people actually get to make it, to use it, instead of having two on a machine and one is just kind of sitting there watching. You really get the feel of how the in the hoop designs are made.”

“Who doesn’t like to sit at a machine and sew and press the buttons and follow along?” she said. 

Our next event will be the Wilmington Trunk show, and Meissner also invites you to spend more hands-on time with us at the Floriani Hands On Event in September.

For more information on all events and to register, visit our website.

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5 thoughts on “Embroidery Garden Party”

  • Clarissa Huston
    Clarissa Huston August 22, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    Best Meissner's event I've ever attended so far! Reen was GREAT.....her projects were fun.....the seminar was educational.....Meissner's staff was outstanding, too! Equally important was not having to share a machine! Thank you, Meissner's!

  • Judy Mansfield

    So glad to see the blog back!

  • Roxanne Hartwig
    Roxanne Hartwig August 22, 2016 at 11:44 pm

    Had so much fun and learned so much! Thank you Meissner's and Reen for a great two days!

  • Debi Henry

    The Embroidery Garden event was fantastic. Very well organized, great projects to stitch out and knowledge staff on hand to assist us with our needs. Kudo's Meissners for another job well done!!!!!!

  • Linda Fifer

    Loved the projects and had an overall great time with a great group of people. Loved having our own machine as things went quicker. Thanks Meissner;s and Reen for a great time.

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