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Get Started on the Right Foot: The Ruffler Foot

Emily Achondo

One of the most intriguing presser feet you will find on the Meissner Sewing and Vacuum Center’s wall of feet is the Ruffler Foot. Unusual in appearance, this foot easily manages many different types of fabrics to create ruffles.

Simply put, the Ruffler Foot is a tool for creating evenly spaced pleats in fabric.

“The function of the ruffler foot is to make tucks that are nice and even where you want consistent ruffles,” Angel Chesney, Meissner instructor, said.

One project where the Ruffler Foot can be put to good use is on a hand-made minky quilt. 

While it is possible to create a ruffle by hand, the foot simplifies the process and brings consistency to the results.

“The biggest advantage of the foot is a really even ruffle,” Chesney said. “Everything else is technically gathering."

With a Ruffler Foot, the user has control over the number of stitches that occur per inch of fabric, and having this control is another advantage of the Ruffler Foot because it produces the consistency important for projects such as window drapes.

The anatomy of the foot allows for the creation of small tucks as the fabric feeds through the foot.

With the up and down movement of the needle, the fabric is pulled into the foot to create an even tuck, according to Jennifer Campbell, sales associate in Sacramento.

Adding this accessory to your creative toolbox simplifies the Ruffling the process, eliminating the need for hand basting, and improving the overall appearance of the finished product.

This post is part of the "Get Started on the Right Foot" series. As part of this series we will be diving into the topic of presser feet, as well as specific feet available, here on our blog, on our Facebook page and on our Instagram. Stay tuned!

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