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Happy Halloween!

Susan Beck

Candy DishHalloween and candy definitely go together! Here’s an easy way to make your own one-of-a-kind “dish” to hold your favorite candy for a spooky party or in anticipation of a slew of trick-or-treaters. Grab your orange and black fabric scraps and create your own yardage that has a unique rustic feel to it. This easy-to-sew project is great for beginners!

• Black or orange wool felt, 12” x 12”
• Assorted scraps of a variety of fabrics in Halloween colors
• Construction thread in the same color as the wool felt
• 10” black grosgrain ribbon for handles
• 12-14” of orange cord such as rattail
• Temporary spray adhesive

Presser Feet
• All-purpose Foot
• Edgestitch Foot (optional)
• Couching Foot

Creating Quilted Fabric
1. Lightly spray one side of the wool felt with temporary spray adhesive.
2. Arrange assorted scraps on top of the felt, layering and overlapping as needed to completely cover it.
3. Carefully move the covered felt to the sewing machine and stitch randomly over the surface as desired until the scraps are sewn in place using an all-purpose presser foot. Use straight stitch, zigzag, feather stitches, adding other “open” decorative stitches as desired. The more stitching, the more body the fabric has and the better it will form the dish.

Using a stilletto







Cut the following rectangles from the quilted fabric:
• One 7” x 6” for the base
• Two 7” x 2¼” for the sides
• Two 6” x 2¼” for the ends

1. Join the rectangles by butting the edges and sewing the narrow ones to each side of the base as shown. Match the strips to the corresponding side (6” to 6” side and 7” to 7” side). Use a zigzag stich (width = 4-4.5 mm and length = 2-2.5 mm). Tip: Use an edgestitch or joining foot with a center guide to keep the butted edges from overlapping.

Joining seams edge-to-edge. Joining seams edge-to-edge.
Add sides and ends to base (outlined in white). Add sides and ends to base (outlined in white).









2. Fold the sides in to the felt along the stitched seams and press to form creases.
3. Oversew the outer edges (these become the top edges of the dish) with the same zigzag setting. The needle should sew into the fabric and then into the air to wrap around the raw edge.

Fold on the diagonal and seam corners. Fold on the diagonal and seam corners.


4. Make a diagonal fold across the base and match the corners as shown. Stitch the fabric edges (indicated by white dashed line) together using a straight or zigzag stitch to secure the corners and form the sides of the dish.






5. Using a couching foot, zigzag the orange cord down the center of the black ribbon. Cut the ribbon into two pieces. Fold one ribbon in half and position it on the felt at one end, centering it to form a handle, using the photo above as a guide. Stitch each end of the ribbon in place. Stitch the remaining ribbon on the opposite end of the dish.

A couching foot lets cords feed smoothly while holding it in place for stitching. A couching foot lets cords feed smoothly while holding it in place for stitching.






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