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Holiday Gift Guide

Emily Achondo

It is officially that time of year.

The time when it seems as if the air outside has never felt so brisk; a mug of hot cocoa has never tasted so good; the heat radiating from your fireplace has never felt so warm and welcome; and the elves in your sewing room have never worked as furiously to stitch out winter projects and goodies in preparation for the holidays.

We feel as though we are truly in a winter wonderland as the holiday spirit fills the air. The only thing that might possibly fade the delight of the season is the stress that walks hand in hand with the gift-giving season. We search for the most perfect gifts to offer our friends and loved ones in order to express our love and gratitude for them, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the best item to represent those feelings. And frankly, this can be stressful and put a damper on the joy of the season.

But, we wanted to help reduce some of those anxieties that arrive with the season, so the staff at Meissner Sewing and Vacuum Centers have contributed ideas and we've compiled a list (and we've checked it twice) to provide inspiration for your gift giving.

For Beginning Crafters: 

ToolsIf you are thinking of introducing sewing to a loved one or if you know a friend who has just taken up the skill, then consider gifting these items:

  • Good scissors, a pre-cut fabric collection, Mettler metrosene thread box set, Janome 3160DC, a Jean-A-Ma-Jig, glass-head pins, and a Zirkel pin magnet
    -Shannon Gage, Santa Rosa
  • A basket with craft appropriate, good-quality thread, an assortment of needles, machine-specific bobbin, and basic tools (like a seam ripper, snips, fabric scissors and good pins).

"I'd also suggest a gift certificate for entry-level classes in their chosen craft."

-Alys Hay, Santa Rosa

For Intermediate Crafters: 

Mettler Thread SetsDo you know someone who has been sewing, quilting, or embroidering for some time but who also wants to take their skills to the next level? Here are some gift ideas to help them do just that:

     -Shannon Gage, Santa Rosa

  •  A Meissner Gift Card to be applied toward more challenging classes, a selection of stabilizers for embroiderers, a selection of interfacing for sewers, and storage containers (for thread, bobbins, and projects). Also consider WonderClips, a good-quality ruler, embroidery scissors for embroiderers, and Wash Away Wonder tape. I would also recommend a Baby Lock serger (an Evolution for sewers and embroiderers and an Ovation for quilters). A Baby Lock Tiara would be great for quilters, and a Baby Lock Sashiko is fit for all crafters!

       -Alys Hay, Santa Rosa

  • Omnigrid fold away portable cutting and pressing station, Tutto Machine Trolley, and Gidget sewing table

       -Meagan Schleter & Vicki Ayers, Folsom

For Advanced Crafters: 

We all know that someone who has been sewing for a very long time, is incredibly dedicated and has nearly perfected the craft. So, here is some inspiration for gift to present her with this year:

  • "A new machine!” - Shannon Gage, Santa Rosa
  • Meissner Gift Card to be applied toward both refresher classes (a lot has changed over the years!) and advanced classes. Also, specialty threads, a rotating cutting mat, a carrying bag for cutting mats and rulers

       -Alys Hay, Santa Rosa

       -Meagan Schleter & Vicki Ayers, Folsom

For All Skills and Crafts

  •  “We all have our monster-sized machines at home that take a forklift to move. So if I could get or give something for Christmas, it would be the Janome M7200. Not only is it portable, and has purple on the front (my favorite) it has just enough functions, for a take to class or visit relative machine, without the weight.” -Cindy Maffia, Roseville


  •  “Tula Pink Hardware, Mettler Thread sets, Fuller Mini Maid Hand Vac, Floriani Chrome Needles and Floriani Embroidery Needles”  

 -Angelina McKenna, Sacramento 

-Angel Chesney, Sacramento 

  • "ScanNCut CM650W machine, a scanning mat, a low-tack mat, extra standard blade & holder. One blade for fabric and one blade for paper. Terial Magic (when cutting fabric, this stuff is the bomb!)” 
    -Kathleen Douglas, Sacramento

As bonus inspiration, we also asked a few of the staff what they would like to see under the tree this year:

Angelina says: 

Shannon wants:

Pam is asking for: 

  • Garment fabric
  • Cutting tables

Meagan & Vicki say:


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