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How Many Presser Feet?

Susan Beck

feetHow many presser feet do you use in your sewing? Many stitchers sew for years using two or three presser feet. They make beautiful and useful items using an all-purpose foot, a zipper foot, and occasionally a buttonhole foot. So why do sewing machines come with 5, 8, or even 12 presser feet? And why are there dozens of presser foot and accessories available as optional tools to make your sewing machine sing and dance?

Specialty presser feet can actually improve your sewing skills, let you sew faster, give more professional-looking results, and even allow you to sew creative techniques that you just can’t do with an all-purpose foot. Here are just a few reasons that you may want to take a look beyond the basic presser feet that came with your machine:

Quick Ruffles – There are presser feet that gather and pleat fabric as you stitch. No more pulling threads or marking pleats. You can even attach the pleated or gathered fabric to a flat piece in the same operation. Talk about a timesaver!

Couching Cues – Stitching cords, yarns, and fibers to the surface of fabric (also known as couching) adds color and texture to all types of projects. There are many presser feet that hold the cords or fibers in place so all you have to do is stitch. Some let you twist multiple fibers together, others hold cords side by side for a flat braided look, and others accommodate bulky, round cords, letting them feed easily under the foot.

Smooth Feeding – When using materials such as leather, plastic, chintz, microfibers, etc. that have trouble moving under a regular presser foot, look for coated feet or ones that have rollers or “wheels”. These types of feet will glide over fabric, letting it move smoothly and easily under the needle.

Specific Techniques – Some presser feet are developed for very specific techniques such as making flat-felled seams or delicate pintucks. They usually make the task simpler and faster to do.

BBOF coverIf you own a BERNINA machine, there is a new resource that offers in-depth information about the many presser feet and accessories available for your machine. The Big Book of Feet has 240 pages of inspirational photos, step-by-step technique instructions, and useful charts for at-a-glance technique settings – all of this in one big book available at any Meissner Sewing & Vacuum Center!

What's your favorite presser foot that you use over and over again? We'd love to know - tell us in the comment section below.





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