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January Class Calendar

Emily Achondo

Now that 2017 is upon us, we are once again saying hello to a new year. Following tradition, at the beginning of each year we tend to make resolutions, often times vowing to try new things.

Meissner Sewing and Vacuum Centers is where you can take the first steps toward fulfilling new year promises. Your 2017 can begin when you enroll in a new class at Meissner Sewing, take up a new craft, start a fresh project or learn a new technique.

From hands-on workshops to new classes to events with celebrity guests, January offers ample opportunity to hone your skills and grow your sewing toolbox.


Did Santa leave a new sewing machine under your tree? Learn how to use it to its fullest abilities with a machine instruction class. From the My New Machine series to Unboxed! and Beyond the Box! we will get you acquainted with your new machine. Check the New Machine Owner's Class Menu to see which class is designed for your specific machine.

Are you a quilter, but now you want to learn garment construction? Maybe your a sewer who wants to expand your skills and learn to embellish your projects with embroidery. January offers the possibility to experiment with new crafting techniques.

Learn to quilt in a beginning quilting classes (try Basic Quilting for Beginners and Quilt Club for Continuing Beginning Quilters).

In the Anita Goodesign Workshops, which take place at Meissner's in Sacramento, Folsom and Roseville, you can learn embroidery techniques and get to know your embroidery machine a little better. A new project is covered each month.

For any class that you choose to participate in, remember to check for a supply list and bring all the required materials that are listed for the class.


The first month of January also offers a special opportunity in Sacramento and in Santa Rosa. Paula Nadelstern, quilter, author and fabric designer, will be joining the Meissner Sewing team in hosting a slide lecture and hands-on workshop.

On January 27, 2017, Nadelstern will be tracing the evolution of her Kaleidoscope quilt series during the Symmetry & Surprise: The Kaleidoscope as Design Inspiration slide lecture in Sacramento.

Nadelstern will also be in Sacramento and Santa Rosa for a hands-on workshop to explore symmetry and angles to create a unique kaleidoscope quilt block. The Sacramento session is sold out, but there are still seats available in the Santa Rosa session of Sixty Thirty: A Kaleidoscope Class on January 28th.

For the full event details and to register, visit

Check out the calendar below to see a full list of the classes that still have availability. Also remember to follow Meissner Sewing on Facebook and Instagram for updates on classes, workshops, events, and more!

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