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Managing your Account, here's how

Sara Curtis

Each quarter as we prepare to release a new block of classes and events, it is also important to know how to manage your account, so that you can successfully signup for the classes and events that interest you the most. While we are always happy to sign you up for classes over the phone or in any of our stores, registering yourself for classes using your own account at home, puts you in control of your purchase history.

With a account you can signup for classes, reserve a rental time for a long-arm quilting machine, view your past order, manage your wishlist and order items online from the comfort of home.

We recently created a printed guide for the Meissner Sewing website that teaches you how to:

• Create a new account
• Sign up for a class
• How to check for (and download) a supply list
• Adding a class to your cart
• The checkout process
• How to  confirm your are signed up for class
• Signing up for a free class
• How to see if you are signed up for other classes

Click Here to download this handy guide!

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