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Mettler Thread Bar

Susan Beck

Over the last decade or so, it seems like there has been a “thread explosion” in the sewing market. New companies, expanded thread lines, and literally thousands of colors have shown up in stores and online to help us with any type of sewing project we may have. The machine embroidery craze is partly responsible for this because every embroiderer wants well-behaved, beautiful thread in a wide array of colors, but there are also multiple options available for other kinds of sewing from handwork to high speed long-arm quilting machines. It’s easy to match your thread to your project for just the right look.

philMettler thread is a not a newcomer to the industry, having been around for well over 100 years. Mettler has always been known for durable, quality threads available in natural and synthetic fibers. These threads perform consistently under a variety of sewing situations so you can always count on them for professional-looking results. But, with so many Mettler options, how do you know what to choose and use? Here’s your chance to find out! Meissner Sewing is hosting two seminars in February, one in Santa Rosa and one in the Sacramento store - join special guest “Phil Newton” of Mettler USA for an insider’s look at thread, from factory to fabric. Phil will provide guidelines for selecting the right thread for the project at hand and take the mystery out of all those little numbers on the spool! You will also receive a “goodie bag” filled with products worth over $20!

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Santa Rosa: 2/11, 1pm-3pm. Sacramento: 2/13, 1pm-5pm Santa Rosa: 2/11, 1pm-3pm.                               Sacramento: 2/13, 1pm-5pm.


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