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My Creative Adventure Begins

Emily Achondo

Diary of a Beginning Sewer: The Adventure Begins

I’m embarking on an adventure. A creative adventure.

Growing up, I was never a sewer. My mom and aunt sewed, and I always had them to thank for a closet full of beautifully constructed costumes and clothes.

But despite the fact that I was a crafty kid, I could never get the hang of sewing.

My mom made several attempts at teaching me how to stitch up my own projects, beginning with small, simple patterns. I always wanted to learn but never actually saw a project to the end.

I have started but never finished several sewing projects. Until now.

In August I joined the Meissner Sewing & Vacuum Centers team, and since then, I have seen what amazing things modern sewing machines can create. I have witnessed the even more amazing abilities of the quilters, sewists and crafters who put them to use. I have also been lucky enough to hear the stories behind the projects and the people.

Simply put, I have been inspired.

For this reason, I have a renewed desire to sew, and I want to do it right. So I embark on this creative journey, beginning with the basics and expanding my skills to reach my ultimate goal of constructing a quilt.

After some thought and plenty of time spent looking at the Meissner class calendar, I finally decided that the perfect place to start would be with the Sew Fun and Easy! class, which is taught by Meissner instructor Dara Dubois.

So, I signed up, took the class, and finally completed my very first sewing project.

Thanks to Dara, this class really was “sew fun and easy.”

At the beginning of class she laid out the plan for the next three hours: We would make a tote bag adorned with two straps and a pocket. The pocket would be embellished with an embroidered monogram.

And then we got to work.

For this class, we were provided with the Brother 990D sewing and embroidery machine. The machine itself was easy to use, and I quickly became comfortable operating it.

As we progressed through the steps of the project, I stumbled in a few places. I mismatched my fabrics. I poked myself with my pins. I struggled with the straps. And I got the full beginning sewer experience when I made good use of a seam ripper.

But I'm a girl on a mission, and I didn’t let myself get discouraged. Plus, Dara handled both my own mistakes and my fellow beginner classmates’ errors with ease.

The three hours felt more like 30 minutes, and before I knew it, class had come to an end. We had already created and monogrammed the pocket, formed the reversible bag with boxed corners, sewed the straps and then attached all the pieces together.

Walking out of the classroom, I felt proud and accomplished as I tossed a completed tote bag over my shoulder.

After taking this class, I fully intend on completing many more sewing projects, including more practice with this particular bag pattern. I now have the skills to confidently tackle more projects and classes. I'm officially on my way to ultimately learning quilt construction.

I’ve truly begun my creative adventure, and I have the finished project to prove it.


Follow along with my creative journey here, on the Meissner Sewing blog and on our Facebook page! 


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