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Not for Men Only!

Susan Beck

Rob AppellRob Appell is the man behind Man Sewing. If you’re asking “What is Man Sewing?”, here’s the answer Rob has posted on

“Well, I am a man who loves to sew and I’m proud of it. I’m passionate about sewing and creativity and have a desire to teach, so I want to share my passion with you. Is Man Sewing just for men? Absolutely not. I’m just a man who sews.”

 Rob is a Master Quilter and has free YouTube video tutorials in collaboration with Missouri Quilt Company.  His energetic style and enthusiasm for sewing make him an inspiring teacher. He’ll be visiting Meissner Sewing February 20-22, bringing a Trunk Showing of his fabulous quilts and his engaging way of teaching. Click here to check out his four class and sign up for one today!


Fun Facts about Rob Appell

  1. Rob started sewing early – at 5 years of age. His mother says he made doll clothes, but Rob says he hand-sewed “custom tunics for his super-hero action figures.”
  2. He got into machine sewing in his early twenties making curtains for his VW van, traveling around California.
  3. Rob is a certified sewing machine technician. His mom owned a quilt shop and he learned to repair machines before he learned to sew with them.
  4. Inspiration for his work comes from nature, God, and sometimes from funny jokes, puns, or a play on words. He likes to take the inspiration and morph it into a project that is doable and teachable because he “absolutely loves” teaching, sharing, and talking to other sewers and quilters.
  5. Not only does Rob sew but he also cleans house! I called him to collect info for this blog post and when I asked if he had time to chat, he said that he was cleaning the house to surprise his wife and could talk only if I didn’t mind if he continued cleaning the bathroom. Obviously, I didn’t mind - I was actually impressed - a man who sews and cleans!

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