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Personalized Stuffed Animals by Embroider Buddy®!

Susan Beck
Embroider Buddies! Embroider Buddies!

Celebrate life’s moments with personalized stuffed animals. The super-soft stuffed animals from Embroider Buddy® have been designed in such a way that they fit on almost all embroidery machines so you can add any message you want! They unzip in the back and have removable stuffing pods in the body and head. Once the pods are removed, the animals can be placed flat in your embroidery hoop.

When using hoops that are small enough to fit inside the body of the unstuffed animal, you hoop the fabric and the stabilizer together. If the hoop is larger than the body cavity, use paper-backed adhesive stabilizer such as OESD Stabil Stick. Hoop the stabilizer only, remove the paper to expose the adhesive and smooth the wrong side of the fabric in the hoop. Embroidery is usually centered on the front of the animal but can also be placed on the back and the bottom. Tip: Lay a piece of water-soluble topping on top of the area to be embroidered; this keeps the stitches from sinking into the thick pile of the plush fabric.

EmbroiderBuddy LogoThere are lots of animals from which to choose and we have a whole zoo of them at Meissner’s Sewing. Great for all occasions - get well gifts, birthdays, graduations, new babies, young children, and holiday gifts. They are also fun collectibles and now's the time to start your making holiday embroidered gifts!



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