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Preview: New Classes from the 2017 Holiday Magazine!

Sara Curtis

The newest issue of the Meissner Magazine will be hitting mailboxes this week. Our annual gift guide is filled with special offers, gift suggestions, events and a wish list. There are also several new classes that we couldn't wait to share with you! These classes are not yet available online, but when they are available for registration, we will update this blog with links to register for each class. We hope to see you in class soon!

The 2017 Meissner Sewing & Vacuum Centers Holiday Magazine.

New Sewing Classes:

Playing with Your Sashiko
Now that you’ve bought your Baby Lock Sashiko, it’s time to learn how to use it. Topics include how to add decorative thread or yarn to your fabric and how to create your own custom piece of fabric. We’ll make samples testing out different stitch lengths and spacing. Course Level: Beginner. Instructor: Jody Burks ($35)
Sacramento: 1/25: 5-8pm

Scrappy Applique Snowflake

Scrappy Applique Snowflake
In this class, you will use your scraps to create a snowflake-shaped collage. You will learn about topstitching and satin stitching. A variety of options will be available for finishing your project. Course Level: Beginner to Intermediate. Instructor: Tanna Schreiner ($45)
Folsom: 1/24: 10am-2pm

Sew Organized
Feeling buried by craft clutter? Start the new year off right and organize your crafting life! Join Angelina in a class about organizing your sewing room and your projects. This lecture-based class will help you get the most of your creative time. The Sew Organized Lab time is and open sewing session to get a jump start on your projects. Course Level: All Levels. Instructor: Angelina McKenna ($15 for Lecture; $10 for Sewing Lab).
Sacramento: 1/5: 10-12pm (Lecture)
Sacramento: 1/9: 5-7pm (Lecture)
Sacramento: 1/23: 5-8pm (Sewing Lab)

New Garment Classes:

Spaghetti Bias Loops

Spaghetti Bias Loop and Beaded Outfit
Spaghetti bias can add super cute detailing to a simple garment. Use it to add length to a pair of pants or a top or just a trim. When you add beads to the spaghetti bias, it is ever so cute! So, whether you come to make this for an adorable little girl’s outfit or just to learn the technique for yourself, the choice is yours. Course Level: Confident Beginner. Instructor: Judy Scollay ($30)
Folsom: 2/10: 9:30am-4:30pm

New Embroidery Classes:

Amethyst Project Bag

Amethyst Project Bag
This bag features ample storage space for any project or hobby – quilting, drawing, hand-sewing, and so much more! The lining features a zippered pouch, mesh zippered pocket, and elastics for holding pens or other items. The bottom of the case has an elastic buckle strap to hold quilt blocks, books, and rulers. Personalize it with embroidery! The finished size is 14” Long x 13” High x 3” Deep. Course Level: Intermediate. Instructor: Lynda Martello ($45)
Santa Rosa: 1/28: 11am-5pm

In-the-Hoop Chalkboard Mat

In-the-Hoop Chalkboard Mat
This chalkboard mat will keep your kids busy and makes a great gift. It’s made completely in your hoop so it’s easy to make. The mats roll up and tie with a ribbon that is stitched into the lining for easy cleanup. The large version has an approximate 9” x 9” drawing area and a quilted zipper pocket to store chalk and eraser. Kids will love it – especially if you use fun fabrics! Available Hoop Sizes: 9” x 14”; 7” x 12” or 8” x 12”; 5” x 7” or 6” x 10”. Course Level: Beginner. Instructor: Lynda Martello ($40)
Santa Rosa: 2/11: 11am-5pm

On-the-Go Organizing Tote
Personalize this large, easy-to-carry tote bag. This zippered tote can hold everything you need for your sewing case supplies. This boxy tote has pockets galore! Three large front pockets and two mesh fabric pockets hold everything from a liter of water to small notebook. The back is as pretty as the front with a quilted French braid panel that easily slips over a handle. The top zips closed with an easy zipper application. The inside is just the right size for all your supplies. Finished measurements: 11-1/2” Height x 14-1/2” Wide x 9” Deep. Course Level: Intermediate. Instructor: Lynda Martello ($45)
Santa Rosa: 2/24: 11am-5pm

New Machine Instruction Classes:

Learn Your Settings (BERNINA)
In this class, you will expand on the knowledge previously learned in machine instruction courses to learn the settings of your machine. We’ll discuss how to customize your settings for your personal preferences. Pre-requisite: Unboxed and Beyond the Box for BERNINA machines. Course Level: All Levels. Instructor: Jody Burks ($15)
Sacramento: 1/22 OR 2/26: 10am-1pm

Learn Your Settings (Janome)
In this class, you will expand on the knowledge previously learned in machine instruction courses to learn the settings of your machine. We’ll discuss how to customize your settings for your personal preferences. Pre-requisite: Unboxed and Beyond the Box for Janome machines. Course Level: All Levels. Instructor: Jody Burks ($15)
Sacramento: 1/22 OR 2/26: 2-5pm

New Quilting Classes:

Blooms Mini Quilt

Blooms Mini Quilt
Create a colorful mini quilt that will make a beautiful gift or brighten up any space. In this class you will learn to machine applique using different stitches. This is the first class in a series using the book, Weekend Quilting by Jemima Flendt. Learn different quilting techniques that you can create in a weekend. Course Level: Confident Beginner. Instructor: Tanna Schreiner ($45)
Folsom: 2/15: 10am-2pm

The Explorer Tote

Explorer Tote
Learn how to make a multi-function tote with lots of pockets and a recessed zipper. This tote can be made in two sizes for everyday use or big adventures. Course Level: Intermediate to Advanced. Instructor: Tanna Schreiner ($60)
Folsom: 2/20 & 2/28: 10am-2pm

Lil' Twister Heart Wall Hanging

Lil’ Twister Heart Wall Hanging
Make a cute heart wall hanging or mug rugs for this special holiday! The finished project will have people marveling at how complex it looks, but the technique is so easy to accomplish with the Lil’ Twister tool. Measurement is 24” x 24”. Course Level: Confident Beginner. Instructor: Judy Scollay ($20)
Folsom: 1/25: 10:30am-4:30pm

The Pixelated Heart Quilt

Pixelated Heart
Create a pixelated heart quilt for someone you love. Use scraps, charm packs, your favorite prints, or children’s clothing no longer worn for a nostalgic quilt. This quilt is sure to be loved. Course Level: Beginner. Instructor: Tanna Schreiner ($60)
Folsom: 1/12 & 1/19: 10am-1pm

Precision Piecing
If you are a stickler for perfect points, straight seams, and precision in your piecing, then this is the class for you. In this class, you will not be starting a quilt (no UFO), however, you will make a complete workbook that can be referred to for years to come. Just a few items that will be covered; accurate and safe rotary cutting, pressing, and pinning techniques. There are no speedy tricks or quick short cuts involved in these methods. To get precision, you must take your time and go the extra mile. Course Level: Confident Beginner. Instructor: Dana Lahargoue ($45)
Folsom:2/15 & 2/22: 6-9pm

This is the sample from Judy's previous class, Seminole Table Runner taking place in Folsom on November 30th.

Seminole Patchwork Series
I love Seminole patchwork. If you took the SeminoleTable Runner class, you got a taste of how much fun it is to construct Seminole patchwork. This will be a series of four classes that you can put into a variety of projects. Each class will also have 1 or 2 additional projects that will incorporate your Seminole strips. Course Level: Beginner. Instructor: Judy Scollay ($20)
Folsom: 1/4 (Pillowcase), 1/18 (Seminole bag), 2/1 (Patchwork pillow) OR 2/15 (Patchwork on a towel): 10am-1pm

New Clubs & Monthly Classes:

The Fussy Cut Block of the Month
Join Angelina McKenna and your fellow Fussy Cut Queens in making the sampler quilt from the new book, The Fussy Cut Sampler. This BOM will help you take your quilting skills to the next level while learning the principles of design. If you want a fun, yet challenging project in the new year, this is the class for you. Not sure yet? The introductory session is free! Course Level: Intermediate. Instructor: Angelina McKenna ($15)
Sacramento: 12/12: 10am-12pm OR 1-3pm (Free Intro Sessions)
Sacramento: 1/3 (Ch. 1) OR 2/7 (Ch. 2): 2-5pm

HoopSisters is commemorating the 10th anniversary of their EmbroidaBlock of the Month program in 2018 with a new quilt pattern entitled "Sisterhood"

HoopSisters 2018 EmbroidaBlock of the Month
Join embroidery expert Angel Chesney for HoopSister's 2018 Block of the Month program entitled Sisterhood. The Hoop Sisters EmbroidaBlock of the Month Program for 2018 is entitled "Sisterhood" and commemorates the 10th anniversary of the EmbroidaBlock program. Quilters of all skills levels are welcome. Angel encourages everyone who is interested in the EmbroidaBlock of the Month program to attend the free planning meetings available in Sacramento and Folsom! Course level: All levels. Instructor: Angel Chesney ($149)
Folsom: 1/16: 4-7pm (Free Planning Meeting)
Sacramento: 1/27: 10am-1pm (Free Planning Meeting)

New Software Classes:

Now that you have your embroidery/sewing machine and some designs, how do you get your designs from the CD to your embroidery machine? This is a basic computer class for those that need help in learning to transfer their designs to their embroidery machine. Course Level: All Levels. Instructor: Phyllis Clark ($10)
Folsom: 1/25: 10am-12pm

Craft N Cut
 Learn how to use the contour feature, remove overlapped artwork, trim, wield, intersect, exclude, front minus back, back minus front, boundary, combine, break apart. Convert to artwork, convert to applique, and many more functions. The perfect software for your fabric and vinyl cutting machines.
Sacramento: 2/8: 5-8pm

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