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Tools & Templates from Patricia Simons

Susan Beck

QPatricia Simonsuilting tools (of which there are many) often make techniques go faster with better results. Patricia Simon of Quilter’s Rule definitely knows this. As part of the family-owned business, Quilter’s Rule, she develops quilting tools and templates and demonstrates and teaches at shows and guilds all over the country. Her techniques are applicable to all quilters (hand, home machine, short-arm, mid-arm, or long-arm machine) and the results she gets are amazing! Patricia has been a guest teacher at Meissner Sewing where she shared her creative design techniques.

Chain Create and Interlocking Chain design using the Pointed Leaf/Oval Tool.

If you have a chance to attend her signature class, “Unlock Your Creativity (The Key is Templates)”, don’t pass it up. She loves helping quilters develop their own styles and has opened a whole new world of creativity to many people who are not naturally artists.

Simple Block Design using the Heart Template Simple Block Design using the Heart Template

Use the Quilter's Rule templates to mark your quilting designs onto the fabric or if you would prefer to quilt directly on the quilt without marking, use the 1/4” Machine Quilting Tools as stitching guides. When using the Machine Quilting Tools allow a 1/4” of space to accommodate the hopping foot.

The Quilter’s Rule website is full of ideas and instructions for using the MANY templates and tools Pat has developed. Download written instructions with photo tutorials or visit YouTube to watch instructional videos. Just seeing what can be done with simple templates is inspiring and will get your creative juices flowing!

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