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What you need to Know: Embroidery Garden 2017

Sara Curtis

We are so excited to welcome Reen Wilcoxson of Embroidery Garden this week at Meissner Sewing in Sacramento! If you are lucky enough to be attending this sold out event, this blog will tell you everything you need to know in order to maximize your stitching time while at the event!

Click Here to read a letter from Reen Wilcoxson.

General Information for All Attendees:

Event Dates:
Session 1: Thursday & Friday: July 20 - 21
Session 2: Saturday & Sunday: July 22-23
Session 3: Monday & Tuesday: July 24-25

  • Doors will open at 9:00 am for registration
  • Please note that the event runs from 10am - 4pm daily.
  • Please bring the following items:
    -  Your favorite trimming and applique scissors
    -  Turning tool
    -  Seam ripper
    -  Straight pins
    OPTIONAL: An assortment of embroidery thread will be provided, but you may wish to bring a selection of thread with you.  Below is a photo of the projects, in the same colorways as the project kits for the event.
Embroidery Garden 2017 project samples

For Attendees bringing their Dream Machine or Destiny model machines:

    • Trolley/machine tote parking will be available in Classroom 1
    • If you need assistance bringing in your machine, let us know at the Registration Desk
    • We will have 20 labels for you at the Registration Desk so that you can label each of your machine's items for ease in identification during pack up.
    • Please bring the following items:
      -  Machine
      -  Embroidery Unit
      -  Power Cord
      -  Embroidery Foot
      -  Hoops in the following sizes:
      -  9.5" x 14"
      -  8" x 12"
      -  5" x 7"
      -  4" x 4"

We can't wait to see everyone at Embroidery Garden!

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