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Brother ScanNCut 2 CM650WX Scanning & Cutting Machine

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Brother ScanNCut 2 CM650WX Scanning & Cutting Machine

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The ScanNCut 2, the worlds first home and hobby cutting machine with a built-in scanner, giving you the ability to scan almost anything you can get your hands on and place into the machine to cut out.

The CM650WX includes an additional 125 Designs plus Enhanced Image Tracing!

Brother ScanNCut 2 CM650WX Scanning & Cutting Machine

ScanNCut CM650W

1,102 Built-in Designs, Including 140 Applique Patterns
Get creative! Basic shapes, intricate designs, borders, quilt patterns, fonts, and more are all available on the easy-to-use color LCD touch screen display (now 30% larger than our prior models). Simply select a design, and then have it cut out on your material of choice. For adding even more variety to your creations, combine built-in designs or scan an image to create any number of one-of-a-kind designs.

300 DPI Built-in Scanner
Turn your scanned images into unique one-of-a-kind cut designs and patterns. The secret lies in the 300DPI built-in scanner. Scan virtually anything – a handmade drawing, a magazine clipping, cherished photos, and more – to create endless cut designs and save to the machine’s memory. Say goodbye to expensive, clunky design cartridges! As a bonus, use ScanNCut2 as a home scanner to archive pictures, documents, and more and save to your memory stick for use in your computer. Enhanced scanning with color recognition. Choose to scan in either gray scale or color RGB mode.

Background Scan
The magic of ScanNCut2 lies in the ability to scan your materials using the 300 DPI built-in scanner. See the scanned image on the large color LCD touch screen display-Now 30% larger than our prior models, open your cut design and, using the Touch Screen, simply move the cut design over the desired area for a perfect cut without measuring or using a computer.

Scan and convert to cut data. Using the technology of the 300DPI smart scanner, scan in your design and save it as data to cut or draw. ScanNCut2 will create cut lines automatically, and then within minutes, hand drawn elements can grace the pages of your art work as a cut element or drawing with the assistance of the pen draw feature.

Direct Cut
Single Pass… See it, Cut it! No more fussy cutting! Relax, and let ScanNCut2 do the work for you. With just a few simple steps, ScanNCut2 will scan your material, create the outline cuts, and allow you to select your design straight from the surface to cut out. This revolutionary feature will eliminate the hassle of hand-cutting designs from your favorite papers and fabrics! More scanning power with the ability to scan in gray scale or Color RGB mode.

Large Scanning and Cutting Area
Using the included 12" x 12" cutting mat, or the 12" x 24" cutting mat (available for additional purchase), easily create and cut a wide variety of designs – from one as small as a delicate snowflake for a holiday ornament or one as large as an inspirational wall quote to place in your family living room. Plus, the cutting mats double as a scanning mat for ease of use! Now with 12" x 24" scanning capability! Great for scanning 18" doll patterns and large quilt patterns to create cut data.

On-Screen Editing
Editing designs is both quick and easy with ScanNCut2 Every editing function can be done on the LCD touch screen display-Now 30% larger than our prior models. Easily convert your scanned designs into custom cut or draw files. Customize designs by changing the shape, size, or position, even using just part of a design. With the ability to weld, rotate and resize your designs, you’ll love having the ability to create fully detailed designs to your liking – all without the use of a computer or expensive design cartridges.

Select from the wide variety of built-in designs or from your gallery of scanned images to build your own unique cut designs. Use the welding feature to combine shapes, hand drawings, fonts and more directly on the large color LCD touch screen display-Now 30% larger than our prior models. Combine detailed or intricate cuts in seconds to simply group designs into one piece prior to cutting.

Pen Draw
Creative Embellishment. Have you ever dreamt about adding custom drawings to your crafting projects? ScanNCut2 gives you the ability to change your cut file – whether it’s from a previous scanned image or a built-in design, and replicate the design into a drawing in virtually seconds! With the Color Pen Set (6 pens) for drawing plus Erasable Pen Set (2 pens) for working with fabric you can now take all your sewing and crafting projects to the next level.

Seam Allowance and Sewing Guidelines
Have you ever struggled with piecing together your fabric when working on various sewing and quilting projects? ScanNCut2 gives you the ability to add a seam allowance in ¼” increments to assist you in piecing together fabric pieces for your quilts, clothing and more. But wait, it gets better! You can even utilize the erasable pens (air soluble and water soluble) to create sewing guidelines on your designs to assure virtually perfect placement of your stitches.

Space Saving Auto Layout Capabilities
Do you often find yourself with a collection of odd shaped scraps of paper and fabric that you likely won’t be able to use again? With the space saving capabilities of ScanNCut2, get the maximum use out of your material. Using the background scan option, simply scan your material into the machine and watch as an image of the material quickly appears on the large color LCD touch screen display-Now 30% larger than our prior models. From there, see the exact placement of where your designs will lie on the material prior to cutting them out. Even the smallest scraps can be utilized when working with this innovative crafting tool!

Scan and Save Data - Even more versatility!
Even more versatility with the ScanNCut2 machine, not only can you save cut data to the machine’s memory and USB memory stick but now you can connect transfer a .fcm cut file to your PC via USB cable (USB cable required, not included). The new ScanNCut Online feature allows you to connect wirelessly to transfer cut data to and from the ScanNCut2 machine via ScanNCutCanvas (optional WLAN activation card required).

ScanNCut Canvas
ScanNCutCanvas is a FREE cloud-based web application that combines the versatility of your favorite design software and the awesome cutting power of your Brother ScanNCut2, giving you the ability to easily convert .SVG files to .FCM, perform Image Tracing, and edit multiple images for cutting. It is easy to import projects that you have created or edited with ScanNCutCanvas into your ScanNCut2 cutting machine, via the ScanNCut2 memory stick port, PC direct connect (USB cable required, not included), or ScanNCut Online (optional WLAN activation card required). Try It Now! Visit

Extra Value: 125 Designs plus Enhanced Image Tracing
A wide range of themes in this 125-pattern collection such as vintage, birthday, tropical, baby, ornaments, holidays, special occasions, and florals. Plus, access to Enhanced Image Tracing, a more precise way of turning photos or other clipart into cut data via ScanNCutCanvas.

Additional Information



  • 4.85" Color LCD Touch Screen Display
  • Lightweight - 8.60 lbs. with handles for portability
  • Holder - Easy to Set/Removable
  • AC Adapter for Global Use
  • 2 USB Slots (High-speed USB Port for USB Flash Drive/USB Port for USB Cable for PC Connectivity)
  • Easy to View Operational Panel - 3 Viewing Angles
  • Stylus for easy on-screen edits
  • Auto Shutdown (Adjustable)
  • Machine Memory - 1MB or 60 Pockets
  • Maximum Number Patterns in One Cutting Data (Up to 600 Pieces)
  • Wireless Network - Available (Activation Required)
    • ScanNCut Online Activation Card Included

Crafting Workspace

  • Work Area - 11.68" x 11.76" (W x L)
  • Optional Extended Work Area - 11.68" x 23.76" (W x L)
  • Standard Blade - Max 1.0mm (May Vary)
  • Deep Blade - Max 1.5mm (May Vary)
  • Blade Depth Adjustments - 12 Levels
  • Cutting Speed - 5 Levels
  • Cutting Material - Max 1.5mm
    • Paper: Printer/Scrapbook/Cardstock/Valum/Tracing/Poster Board
    • Fabric: Thin Cotton/Flannel/Felt
    • Others: Magnet/Sticker or Seal


  • Scanning Size 12" x 24"
  • Image Type - Full Color
  • Thickness of Scanning Material: 1.5mm (Max) - Standard/Middle Tack/Low Tack Mat
  • Scanning Speed - 20 Sec./Mat (In case of 12" x 24": 30 Sec./Mat)
  • Scan Resolution - 300 DPI
  • Recognition Type - Grayscale/Color
  • Background Scan Adjustment - Darker/Lighter
  • Direct Cut - Frame Types (11)
  • Scan to USB- Scan Size 9 Formats (Including "CUSTOM")
  • Scan to USB Output File Format: Select Scan Resolution - 300, 250, 200, 150, 100 DPI as JPEG Data
  • Scan-to-Cut Data 
    • Detection Type - Outline, Region, Line (Thinning)
    • Saving Data Function After Detection
    • Delection Area (Unwanted Scanned Images) up to 3.9" per Deletion
    • Threshold Converting - 5 Levels


  • Language - 9 (English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese)
  • Opening Screen - On/Off
  • Test Cut Function - 4 Patterns for test
  • Buzzer - On/Off
  • Cut Area - Able to change by drag/drop operation
  • Mat preview - Grid measurement
  • Built-in Designs - 962
  • Built-in Quilt Patterns - 140
  • Drag and Drop Function - Select and move designs on the screen using a stylus
  • Add Patterns and other designs
  • Designs can be enlarged or reduced
  • Seam Allowance Width: 7 Levels
  • Pattern Spacing/Pattern Interval: 10 Levels (Width between pattern and pattern/edge of mat)
  • On-Screen Editing Functions
    • Sizing (Height and Width)
    • Duplicating
    • Lock or Unlock the Aspect Ratio
    • Pattern Rotating in 1 Degree Increments
    • Mirroring
    • Seam Allowance On/Off
    • Unifying
    • Welding
    • Group Deleting/Group Selecting
    • Auto Layout by Rearranging Patterns
    • Moving
    • Magnifying
    • Undoing
    • SVG File Readability
    • PES and PHC Files 
Included Accessories
  • Standard Cut Blade Holder
  • Standard Cut Blade
  • Wireless Activation Card
  • Standard Mat 12" x 12"
  • Middle Tack Adhesive Mat 12" x 12"
  • 6 Color Pen Set
  • 2 Type Erasable Pen Set
  • Pen Holder
  • 2 High Tack Adhesive Fabric Support Sheets
  • 2 Iron-on Fabric Appliqué Contact Sheets
  • Spatula
  • Touch Pen
  • Accessory Pouch
  • Touch Pen and Spatula Stand
  • 1 Activation Card for 125 Downloadable Desings/Tracing Patterns
  • 1 Activation Card for Enhanced Image Tracing Function




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