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Quilters Dream 80/20 Blend Select Loft Natural Batting

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Quilters Dream 80/20 Blend Select Loft Natural Batting

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Quilters Dream 80/20 Natural Blend Select Craft (ENCF)
Quilters Dream 80/20 Natural Blend Select Crib (ENCB)
Quilters Dream 80/20 Natural Blend Select Throw (ENTH)
Quilters Dream 80/20 Natural Blend Select Twin (ENTN)
Quilters Dream 80/20 Natural Blend Select Double (END)
Quilters Dream 80/20 Natural Blend Select Queen (ENQ)
Quilters Dream 80/20 Natural Blend Select Super Queen (ENSQ)
Quilters Dream 80/20 Natural Blend Select King (ENK)

Quilters Dream 80/20 Blend Select Loft Natural Batting

"Quilts like a dream!"

Quilters Dream 80/20 is a beautiful blend of 80% Dream Cotton & 20% Fine Denier Dream Poly. USA high grade long staple cotton fibers blended with silky soft fine denier poly microfibers. The fine denier microfibers pair perfectly with Dream Cotton. Microfibers imitate the softness and breathability of natural fibers, help resist wrinkles, reduce shrinkage and add a touch of volume. Quilters Dream's proprietary blended fibers are specially carded, cross-lapped & needle punched for strength, consistency, and a beautiful soft drape. There are no resins, scrim or binders used in the material.

Stitch as closely as you would like or up to 8" apart. Perfect for all quilts & quilt projects. Both hand & machine needles glide easily through this soft batt. Your finished quilt may be gently machine washed and dried using cool settings. No need to prewash! There is minimal shrinkage. 

You will love the exceptional quality, ease of quilting and beautiful results with Quilters Dream 80/20.

The ingredients of Dream Blend 80/20:

  1. 80% Natural Cleaned USA Cotton: We start with nature's cleanest and longest staple, USA upland cotton; then, they gently mechanically clean the cotton to practically eliminate any remaining plant particles - while maintaining the fibers' strength.
  2. 20% Polyester Microfibers: With over 60 million fibers per pound (vs average of 5M/lb standard poly), the fine denier silky microfibers, are "not polyester as usual". These fine denier fibers impart volume and imitate natural fibers in softness, drape and breathability. The microfibers also help reduce shrinkage, creasing and drying times.
  3. Special Processing: They use state of the art manufacturing. The fine denier poly and cleaned cotton fibers are combed, blended and carded. To ensure strength and consistency - we cross-lap the fibers to build a fine airy layered batt that is approximately 10" high. Then they specially needle punch the layers using thousands of needles that entangle and interlace the fibers to create the perfect 80/20 batting.
  4. Quality & Pride: Due to our high quality fibers and special processing, Quilters Dream Battings are the only battings strong enough to allow quilters to stitch up to 8+" apart without using scrim, stabilizers or resins. Made in USA with quality beyond compare, Quilters Dream Batting takes every step to assure that your Dream quilts remain exceptionally soft and beautiful for generations.
  5. Love: The staff at Quilters Dream loves the art of quilting as much as they love the art of making the perfect quilt battings. As part of their goal to give-back, Quilters Dream Batting donates 10% of the Dream Pink 80/20 sales to advanced breast cancer research. Quilters Dream also sponsors the Hope & Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS (Lou Gherig's Disease) donating 100% of quilt sales directly to medical research.

Quilters Dream 80/20 is available in Natural, White or Pink in these sizes:

  • Craft 46" x 36"
  • Crib 60" x 46"
  • Throw 60" x 60"
  • Twin 93" x 72"
  • Double 96" x 93"
  • Queen 108" x 93"
  • Super Queen 122" x 93"
  • King 122" x 120"
  • Bolts 46" x 15 yards and 60" x 15 yards. Just like a bolt of fabric!
  • Throw Roll 60" x 30 yards
  • Queen Roll 93" x 30 yards
  • King Roll 120" x 30 yards




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